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Cedar Crest College Faculty, Staff, and Students
Cressman Library "Ask Reference" a question form

Ask Reference is a service provided by the Cressman Library Information & Instructional Services staff for Cedar Crest students, faculty, and staff. It is meant to help obtain "ready reference" information or to initiate contact for help with lengthier research, such as:

  • Specific facts, like an address, a name, or a definition. (Example: When did Hawaii become a state?)
  • Citations verified.
  • Assistance in identifying specific resources, print or online.
  • Initial suggestions or tips on how to begin your research.
  • Requests for help with lengthy research involving PICO questions.


  • This service is available only to Cedar Crest students, faculty, and staff.
  • The Information & Instructional Services staff will check the "Ask Reference" requests routinely during regularly scheduled Cressman Library Hours. Please submit your "Ask Reference" requests within an hour before Cressman Library services end for the day. (See Cressman Library Hours).

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