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Global Studies: New Books for Sustainability

Role Theory, Environmental Politics, and Learning in International Relations

POLITICAL SCIENCE / International Relations / General, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Environmental Policy, Arctic regions-Environmental conditions. Arctic regions-Foreign relations.

Life-Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Commercial Buildings

ARCHITECTURE / Sustainability & Green Design, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Green Business, Sustainable construction-Standards-Australia. Buildings-Energy conservation-Australia. Buildings-Environmental aspects-Australia. Greenhouse gas mitigation-Australia.

Communicating Endangered Species

LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Communication Studies, LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Journalism, NATURE / General, Endangered species. Communication in the environmental sciences.

Teaching Climate Change in Primary Schools

EDUCATION / General, Climatic changes-Study and teaching (Primary), Environmental justice-Study and teaching (Primary)

Principles of Wildlife Conservation

SCIENCE / Environmental Science, SCIENCE / Life Sciences / General, SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Zoology / General, Wildlife conservation.

Coastal Wetlands Restoration

NATURE / Ecology, NATURE / Ecosystems & Habitats / Coastal Regions & Shorelines. NATURE / Environmental Conservation & Protection, Wetland restoration. Wetland management. Coastal zone management.

Worldwise Learning: A Teachers Guide to Shaping a Just, Sustainable Future

EDUCATION / Curricula, EDUCATION / Teaching Methods & Materials / General, Education and globalization. Education-Environmental aspects.

The Climate Planner: Overcoming Pushback Against Local Mitigation and Adaptation Plans

ARCHITECTURE / Landscape, ARCHITECTURE / Urban & Land Use Planning, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / City Planning & Urban Development, City planning-Environmental aspects. Urban ecology (Sociology). Climatic changes-Effect of human beings on

Curriculum, Environment, and the Work of C. A. Bowers

EDUCATION / Curricula, Human ecology-Study and teaching. Social justice-Study and teaching.

The Concept of Milieu in Environmental Ethics: Individual Responsibility Within an Interconnected World

NATURE / Ecology, NATURE / Environmental Conservation & Protection, NATURE / Essays, Environmental ethics.

Post-Growth Work: Employment and Meaningful Activities Within Planetary Boundaries

BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Development / Sustainable Development, Economic development. Employment (Economic theory), Sustainable development.

Socialising Tourism: Rethinking Tourism for Social and Ecological Justice

BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Industries / Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Environmental justice. Social justice. Tourism-Environmental aspects. Tourism-Social aspects.

Introduction to the Environmental Humanities

ART / General, HISTORY / General, LITERARY CRITICISM / General. Sustainability. Human ecology and the humanities. Environmental justice. Energy policy. Climatic changes.

Performance Metrics for Sustainable Cities

ARCHITECTURE / Sustainability & Green Design, ARCHITECTURE / Urban & Land Use Planning, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Environmental Economics, City planning. Sustainable development.

Advancing Environmental Justice for Marginalized Communities in India: Progress, Challenges and Opportunities

SCIENCE / Earth Sciences / Geography, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Human Geography, Environmental justice-India. Environmental law-India.

Absolute Essentials of Environmental Economics

BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Economics / General, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Environmental Economics, Environmental economics.

Tomorrow's People and New Technology: Changing How We Live Our Lives

BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Development / Sustainable Development
NATURE / Ecology, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Economic Policy, Industrial revolution-History-21st century. Sustainable development-History-21st century. Environmental policy.

Sociological Perspectives on Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction in Rural Populations

SOCIAL SCIENCE / Poverty & Homelessness, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Social Classes & Economic Disparity, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / Rural, Rural poor.

Political Ecology of Austerity, The: Crisis, Social Movements, and the Environment

NATURE / Ecology, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Economy, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Environmental Policy, Economic policy-Environmental aspects.

Smart Cities, Citizen Welfare, and the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals

BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Development / Sustainable Development, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / City Planning & Urban Development, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Social Services & Welfare

Nature-Based Solutions for More Sustainable Cities: A Framework Approach for Planning and Evaluation

BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Development / Sustainable Development, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / City Planning & Urban Development, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Environmental Policy

Achieving Sustainability Using Creativity, Innovation, and Education: A Multidisciplinary Approach

BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Development / Sustainable Development, EDUCATION / Educational Policy & Reform / General, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Regional Planning

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