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New York Times: Registration

Activate your Cedar Crest New York Times account

Activate your account

Activate your Cedar Crest New York Times account

New York Times (registration instructions)


Register for your Cressman Library complimentary New York Times account: HERE

If you are registering from off campus, enter your campus network FalconNet login on the “EZproxy” login screen.

Once your registration is complete, go directly to from any web-enabled device (or download the app) and use your unique NYT login.  You will not need to go through EZproxy again (except once annually to renew).

Register for your Cressman Library complimentary New York Times account, screen by screen.

1. Welcome. Create Account.

2. Create your account: use your email address or continue as Google, Facebook, ....

3. If you are a student, select your graduation year. An alternate email address is optional.

4. Your New York Times pass is ready. Note the expiration date. "Renew" in a year.

5. Optional: Morning Briefing and free newsletters.

6. Optional: enter your mobile phone number to use the NYT app.

7. Optional: check your phone for the link to download the NYT app.

In addition, you'll have the option to register for New York Times InEducation.

After you've registered for your Cressman Library complimentary New York Times account, register for your New York Times InEducation account: HERE

New York Times Learning Tools Guidebook

New York Times Learning Tools for the Classroom (download the guide)

Introducing The New York Times inEducation Website, p. 4-11 

- What is inEducation?
- Getting Started
- Key Features


Introducing The Learning Network (NEW), p. 12- 18

- What is The Learning Network?
- Getting Started
- Key Features


Instructional Strategies, p. 19-20

- Activities, ideas, and additional resources to make the most of The Times in your


NYT Subscription benefits through Cressman Library


NYT Group Subscription Benefits News, Cooking and Wirecutter image


NYT Group Subscription Details image. You receive your New York Times access through your organization.


After expiration, activate a new pass by visiting while connected to the Cedar Crest College network.

New York Times (registration screens)

NYT registration screen 0

NYT registration screen 1

NYT registration screen 2

NYT registration screen 3NYT registration screen 4NYT registration screen 5NYT registration screen 6

NYT registration screen 7



NYT InEducation

New York Times InEducation (registration screens)

NYT InEducation registration screen 1

NYT InEducation registration screenshot 2

NYT InEducation screenshot 3

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