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Crisis in Ukraine, Russian Invasion of Ukraine



Resources for understanding the Russian invasion of Ukraine with information on the political, economic and social impacts of the ongoing conflict.

Free and open access.


 SAGE Publishing / SAGE Journals. Russia - Ukraine War 

"We believe that the social and behavioral sciences can play a key role in deepening our understanding of the present state of the world, including the history and current issues related to the war in Ukraine.

Accordingly, we created a free-to-read collection that highlights research related to the Russia-Ukraine war. Topics touch on historical background; issues around information and media, race, ethnicity, and religion; the humanitarian crisis; geopolitics; economic sanctions; and how to move forward."


 Salem Press / Grey House Publishing. Current Topics. Ukraine & Russia 

• The People, Culture, and Historical Conflicts/Wars of Ukraine • The People, Culture, and Historical Conflicts/Wars of Russia • Soviet Union: The former geography of the Soviet Union and the Dissolution of the Soviet Union • Eastern Europe: Wars & Conflicts in Central & Eastern Europe • Treaties and Alliances: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), NATO and Russia Sign Cooperation Pact, the Treaty on European Union, and the United Nations Charter Convention.


 Exact Editions. #PublishersForUkraine. Ukraine Digital Book Collection (Open Access until April 15, 2022)

"Exact Editions is assembling and providing access to a digital collection of non-fiction books related to the history and culture of Ukraine in support of the Ukrainian people during these difficult times. The aim is to offer a thorough understanding to those seeking further knowledge." The collection currently contains 18 books from Yale University Press, Edinburgh University Press, Reaktion, Hurst, Central European University Press, Cambridge Scholars Publishing and Open Book Publishers. No registration or personal details required.



⋅ NPR article

NPR article about the role of Ukraine libraries and librarians in support of the war effort. Ukraine's libraries are offering bomb shelters, camouflage classes and, yes, books


⋅ UN News

"We call on all parties to ensure safe corridors for the evacuation of civilians from dangerous areas and to allow the timely delivery of humanitarian assistance to the civilian population across the country."

Get the latest UN News on Ukraine




The Future is History /by Masha Gessen -CCC
Gessen, Masha. 2017. The Future Is History : How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia. New York: Riverhead Books.
(New York Times-Bestselling Author and National Book Award Winner)

Putin Country /by Anne Garrels -ILL
Garrels, Anne. 2016. Putin Country : A Journey into the Real Russia. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Memory Crash /by Georgiy Kasianov  -Project Muse OA
Kasianov, Georgiy. 2022. Memory Crash : Politics of History in and around Ukraine, 1980s–2010s. Budapest: Central European University Press.

Democracy, Populism, and Neoliberalism in Ukraine /by by Olga Baysha -OA with CCC link
Baysha, Olga. 2022. Democracy, Populism, and Neoliberalism in Ukraine : On the Fringes of the Virtual and the Real. Taylor & Francis.


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