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Art Therapy: ART 103

This is a research guide for a multidisciplinary approach to art therapy.

ART 103 Fall 2020-2021

Sample Search in CINAHL



CINAHL Scope Note for the Subject, Art Therapy

CINAHL Scope Note for Art Therapy image

Sample Search in PsycInfo/PsycArticles



PsycInfo Scope Note for the Subject, Art Therapy

APA PsycInfo Scope Note for Art Therapy image

using the subject Art Therapy vs. keywords to describe the concept of Art Therapy

Notes about searching and search results. Look for the subjects that are assigned to relevant articles in EBSCOhost. Look for author supplied keywords in EBSCOhost and other databases, too. In EBSCO, both CINAHL and PsycArticles/PsycInfo designate Art Therapy as a subject, so when you search on the keyword phrase “art therapy” you will find the articles tagged with that subject. In databases where you are not given a choice to search by subjects or subject keywords, then you may find it helpful to brainstorm terminology that describes Art Therapy as a concept.


Art Therapy Subject Scope Note in the Education Full Text Thesaurus

Education Full Text Scope Note for Art Therapy image

Citing in APA