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Biology: Literature Reviews

Literature Reviews, where to begin? pdf

Literature Reviews, where to begin? pdf download

Just as we have primary and secondary sources, we can think of databases as being primary databases or secondary databases.

Literature Reviews, what is a quality journal? pdf

Journal Evaluation Tool

Literature Reviews, searching for

Find a literature review article. A literature review article will provide summaries and evaluations of books, government documents, scholarly journal articles and other - significant - sources all relevant to a specific topic; however, literature reviews will often cover just scholarly articles. Read a literature review to explore the breadth and depth of a topic and to further discover resources.

Sometimes a database search can be limited to a literature review or a meta-analysis. In EBSCOhost, literature reviews is a subject. Or, try "literature review" as a keyword.  For example:

("literature review" AND ("global warming" OR "climate change"))

Literature Reviews, how to books

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