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Crisis in Ukraine, Russian Invasion of Ukraine



Library associations are standing with Ukraine. Statements from international and U.S. library associations are presented here.


  International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA):

"IFLA stands in solidarity with our colleagues in Ukraine – condemns all violent actions and joins the international community in their statements on the situation.

In alliance with the protest of the international Library community IFLA urgently appeals to the libraries all over the world to mobilise in favour of accurate information to be spread on the conflict as a means to support democracy and freedom of expression." Read the full statement HERE.

  Association of Research Libraries (ARL):

"The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We stand with and in support of our professional colleagues in Ukraine and with all caught in the humanitarian crisis and military action—and with their family and friends.

In this current state, the risk to human life is of primary importance. The appeal by the Ukrainian Library Association notes that libraries in Ukraine continue to provide emergency shelter, work against disinformation, and offer online services.  ARL is communicating with the international library community as well as with its member institutions to offer our support." Read the full statement HERE.

  American Library Association (ALA):

"The American Library Association and its divisions support our Ukrainian colleagues and will work with the global library community to answer the appeal from the Ukrainian Library Association to provide accurate information as a means to support democracy and freedom of expression."

"ALA continues to encourage our members to help raise public consciousness regarding the many ways in which disinformation and media manipulation are used to mislead public opinion in all spheres of life, and further encourages librarians to facilitate this awareness with collection development, library programming and public outreach that draws the public's attention to those alternative sources of information dedicated to countering and revealing the disinformation." Read the full statement HERE.


"We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine as they find themselves on the front lines of an active military invasion. We condemn the attack on freedom and democracy, and our hearts break for the human toll. We fully support our library colleagues in Ukraine who bravely continue their important work, including protecting historically significant collections and archives, in these unprecedented conditions. And we commend library professionals from around the world who have pledged support publicly and are helping raise awareness and providing access to information as the situation unfolds." Read the full statement HERE.




Has an association or organization in your field published a position statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

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