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Art Therapy: APA

This is a research guide for a multidisciplinary approach to art therapy.

I have a research assignment for Art Therapy 103, what should I do?
(a, b, c, or d)

a) I'm going to...

b) This is probably what will happen...

c) Last time, this happened...

d) (quick sketch of what your library search will look like/usually looks like), ... here's an example

This is what SEARCHING the library looks like.


w o r d s






therapeutic photography


guided imagery


art therapy



Who is checking for peer review?


check for peer review image

Looking for articles in Art Therapy journals.


You can... search for articles in Art Therapy journals by going to the journal websites.

Here is an example.

SEARCH for articles in the journal, Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association using the keyword phototherapy.

Here is a different way to go about it.

While searching an entire database, you can... search for articles from many different journal titles all at the same time, instead of searching one journal. If you want to see which journals cover your topic, look under  Publication  in the left column after running a search in PsycInfo/PsycArticles.

Your SEARCH may need to be narrower in a database compared to within a journal, so instead of just phototherapy, search for phototherapy AND art.


publication limit in ebsco screen image


publication limit list of journals screenshot


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