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Information Literacy: Project Information Literacy (PIL)

Project Information Literacy (PIL)

Project Information Literacy (PIL) Publications



For example,

Alison J. Head, Barbara Fister, Steven Geofrey, and Margy MacMillan, The Project Information Literacy Retrospective: Insights from more than a decade of information literacy research, 2008-2022 (12 October 2022), Project Information Research Institute,


"This paper presents a summary of the entire body of research, 2008 to 2022, from PIL on the strategies students use for finding, using, and creating information for college courses, in everyday life, and the workplace while navigating a vast, ever-changing information landscape." "This retrospective, the final publication produced as part of more than a decade of studying college students, concludes with a discussion of PIL’s practical impact on information literacy instruction and suggestions for future research."

(PIL) Publications

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