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Citing: Citation Tools

Citation Tools

Crossref image

Crossref  FEATURED Citation Tool. Search the metadata of journal articles, books, standards, datasets & more. To cite, click on ACTIONS, then the style—APA, Harvard, MLA, Vancouver, or Chicago.


Citation Guides and Citation Generators 


Tip: Use automatically generated citations with care. Edit, as needed. Check punctuation and capitalization, etc.



Citation Reference Managers 

  • Mendeley Desktop "Free reference manager and academic social network. Make your own fully-searchable library in seconds, cite as you write, and read and annotate your PDFs on any device." Tip: If you use both the Mendeley Desktop and Zotero, then you can setup Mendeley Desktop to sync with Zotero.
  • Mendeley Web Importer Browser plug-in; Mendeley Web Importer is compatible with Science Direct, Google Scholar listings, PubMed and many many other online catalogs.
  • PaperShip the app for iPad, iPhone, and MAC. Works with Mendeley and Zotero.
  • Sciwheel citation manager from Sage Journals/Sage Knowledge. Chrome extension, Word add-in, Google Docs add-on.
  • Zotero download Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. Zotero: a Guide for Librarians, Researchers and Educators by Jason Puckett

    Choose the version of Zotero that works best for you (and keep them in sync).
    Zotero for your web browser:
    - runs as an extension within your Firefox web browser.
    - add a plugin for their word processing program.
    Zotero standalone for your desktop:
    - runs as a separate program on your computer.
    - add a plugin to their web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox).

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