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WRI 100: Search Example


Steps for finding articles (journal, magazine and newspaper), books and video on a topic


Go to Databases A-Z from the library homepage.

Look for EBSCOhost under E or under Popular Databases. You'll be prompted to choose an EBSCO database.

Try starting with OmniFile Full Text.



screen shot of Databases A-Z



Omnifile from EBSCO choose databases list




Start with a general search. In this example, the search is for the keywords Plastic Straws. After browsing through your results, broaden or narrow your search based on keywords and terminology relevant to your topic.


screen shot of a search for plastic straws


Look for an article in OmniFile and after that find an ebook. Go to the Research Guide for ebooks. You'll find a list of several sites where you will be able to search for ebooks. You can also begin your search for an ebook in the Library Catalog. On the results page, limit Book to eBook.



screen shot of ebooks research guide


Do the same search words from your EBSCOhost OmniFile search work in the library catalog? Or, do you need to broaden your search for a book compared to a search for an article?


screen shot of search result from library catalog


Try finding a video. Check out our Research Guide for Streaming Video. Search Alexander Street Press and Films on Demand.


graphic on the streaming video research guide

Alexander Street Press image from Streaming Video Research Guide








Films on Demand image from Streaming Video Research Guide




Do you need a newspaper article? Look under N at Databases A-Z. New York Times is listed there, along with Nexis Uni and several newspapers at ProQuest.


newspapers listed in databases a-z



For more search ideas, follow our Searching Advice. You'll find databases for controversial issues there and much more.

The link for Searching Advice is on the library homepage.



library homepage menu


Chat with us from the Searching Advice page, too.

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