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Psychology: Internet Resources

APA Dictionary of Psychology

Internet Resources


Google may be a place to begin to learn about a topic, but search the professional abstracts and indexes provided in the library databases to find reliable, scholarly literature. The controlled vocabularly of the professional abstracting and indexing will give you more control over the results you receive. Go to EBSCOhost, PsycINFO to start instead. Learn new terminology by browsing the results of simple keyword searches. Note the keywords being used in the article titles and in the subjects that are assigned to each article by the database.

If you do use Google for an Internet search; use Google Advanced Search for more control over the results. If you limit by Domain you can see the results from goverment sites (.gov), organizations sites (.org), or education sites (.edu). You can also limit by when the site was last updated.

Evaluate sites the way you would evaluate a book or other resource. Who sponsors/publishes it? When was it last updated? Who wrote it? Who thinks it is a good site? Typing "Link: " then the site address in the Google search bar should result in a list of sites that link to that particular web page. Who points to it will tell you something about the usefulness of the page.

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