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Psychology: PSY 211


To become familiar with the options in the APA PsycInfo and PsycArticles databases.

To practice searching the APA PsycInfo and PsycArticles databases for literature reviews.

To consider the reasons for including only peer-reviewed articles in a literature review.



library databases list (PDF .pdf)
It's a listicle of library databases for PSY 211. Focuses on APA PsycInfo/APA PsycArticles.

searching to do a literature review for PSY 211(PDF .pdf)
It's a .pdf of slides-with notes-about doing a literature review for PSY 211. This is 1st the PPT.



FILES FOR FALL 2023, continued...
This is the 2nd PPT. Same as the 1st, just more graphic.
This is the PDF that goes with it. It has the notes to the 2nd PPT.




Why the APA (American Psychology Association) databases are important.


About APA screenshot



APA PsycArticles

1. APA PsycArticles is the only collection that provides full-text access to content from 119 APA Journals™ and APA affiliated journals. (In other words, what you will find is already narrowed and specific to your discipline—psychology and PEER REVIEWED).


APA PsycInfo

2. APA PsycInfo lists more than 5 million journal articles from nearly 2500 journal titles in the interdisciplinary world of psychology. Look for the full-text from within the database, like PsycArticles; plus, follow the links out to our other databases where we have full text access. (For example, some of the links will take you to other databases like Science Direct, SAGE Journals Online, or  Taylor & Francis).


The many reasons for searching the EBSCO APA databases

There are many reasons to search the EBSCO APA databases (instead of, you name it database ___).

Some of those reasons are...?






Is there something we missed?


Is there something you need to do for your assignment that we missed going over?

Did we cover something similar that will help you do what we missed?


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