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Education: Research Methods


Writing a literature review for EDU 525?

Start your library research with the books/ebooks listed here and by looking through the materials in the EDU 525 folder.

Take a look at the Qualitative / Quantitative Research, the Literature Reviews, and the SAGE Knowledge pages of this guide, too.

evaluating research articles book cover Where Research Begins book cover

EDU 525 Folder 2019-2020 

Log into your Cedar Crest Office 365 account to view. Includes: 1 - PPT with notes for a refresher or preliminary run through the search process. 2 - Handouts that focus on Cressman Library Education databases, see 1) the Links and Explanations PDF and 2) the Search Strategies PDF). Also included - a series of warm-up exercises for thinking about where and when you will interact with the literature in the field of Education, whether, for example, in anticipation of performing a literature review, in preparation for a small group discussion with colleagues, or to support a decision making process.

Research - Preparing Literature Reviews: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches

Preparing Literature Reviews: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches by Pan, M., & Baden-Campbell, M. (2016) Fifth edition

1st floor, terrace level, 808.066 P187p2

Research - Evaluating Research Articles from Start to Finish

Evaluating Research Articles from Start to Finish by Ellen R Girden; Robert Kabacoff (2011)

2nd floor, 001.4 G524e

Research - Writing a Graduate Thesis or Dissertation


Writing a Graduate Thesis or Dissertation by Lorrie Blair (2016)

eBook from the SpringerLink Education Collection.

Research - Doing a Literature Review

Doing a Literature Review in Health and Social Care by Helen Aveyard (2010)

ProQuest Academic Complete ebook.

Research - Where Research Begins

Where Research Begins: Choosing a Research Project That Matters to You (and the World) by by Thomas Mullaney and Christopher Rea (2022)

ProQuest Academic Complete ebook.


Education - Student Research

Student Research Opportunities, from

Students enrolled in the Master of Education program are required to become competent as consumers of educational research. We encourage our students—especially those who may pursue doctoral studies in the future—to become involved in research studies conducted by Cedar Crest College faculty.

Student research projects take many different forms, including:

  • The development of scholarly position papers on a critical issue in education
  • Policy research
  • Action research in teachers’ own classrooms
  • More formal quantitative and qualitative studies that may be presented at national conventions or submitted for publication in an educational journal

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