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Education: Research Methods

EDU 525 Fall 2019-2020

NEW -- Open Textbook -- Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students

EDU 525 Search & Retrieval PPT, Spring 2018-2019

Research - Evaluating Research Articles from Start to Finish

Research Methods, SAGE Knowledge Online

Research Methods, Awareness of Education Research Methods (NEA)

Research Methods, Literature Reviews

Research Methods, include:

Educational Research, Journals include:

Research, Cressman Library Databases overview, 2017

Go to the Journals & Databases page on this guide for a more complete list for Education. For a general searching guide take a look at the Searching Databases page on the Researching LibGuide.

Research, Cressman Library Searching for an article when you already have the citation for it.

Minotti, J. L. (2005). Effects of learning-style-based homework prescriptions on the achievement and attitudes of middle school students. NaSSP Bulletin, 89(642), 67-89. doi: 10.1177/019263650508964206 (Watch your APA style formatting. This cite should have a line space and a hanging indent.)

When you already have the citation to an article you know the library has access to and need to quickly retrieve it or re-retrieve it, try the WorldCat Discovery database first. Use an advanced search to search for at least the author and a keyword phrase from the article title.



Follow the "View Now" link to get to the full text.



Or, search E-Journals & Periodicals for the journal title--NASSP Bulletin--and go from there. Alternatively, search the DOI system via the Cressman Library so you have access to the library subscriptions. This applies to Google Scholar Find It @ Cedar Crest for the same reason. (ERIC, too.)

Research - Find Dissertations

Education | Student Research

Student Research Opportunities, from

Students enrolled in the Master of Education program are required to become competent as consumers of educational research. We encourage our students—especially those who may pursue doctoral studies in the future—to become involved in research studies conducted by Cedar Crest College faculty.

Student research projects take many different forms, including:

  • The development of scholarly position papers on a critical issue in education
  • Policy research
  • Action research in teachers’ own classrooms
  • More formal quantitative and qualitative studies that may be presented at national conventions or submitted for publication in an educational journal