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Art Therapy: ATP 500/600

This is a research guide for a multidisciplinary approach to art therapy.


Databases A-Z


























6 Takeaways








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Searching for articles:

CINAHL and (EBSCO PsycInfo/PsycArticles)  vs.  PubMed with Full Text Finder Links

Education Full Text and (EBSCO PsycInfo/PsycArticles)  vs.  ERIC

EBSCO PsycInfo/PsycArticles  vs.  APA PsycNet

WorlCat Discovery, the Library Catalog  vs.  Google Scholar


Verifying journal titles:

E-Journals & Periodicals  vs.  WorldCat Discovery A-to-Z Titles





 #1 Does Cressman Library have access to Judith A. Rubin’s “Art of Art Therapy” book?

Yes, both in print and ebook. Also, several other books by Judith Rubin. The ebook is at ProQuest Ebook Central. Read online/download chapter by chapter. To download/checkout the entire book requires Adobe Digital Editions software and a ProQuest personal account.

#2 Does Cressman Library have access to American Art Therapy Association (AATA) journals?

The library has access to Art Therapy: The Journal of the American Art Therapy Association at the Taylor & Francis website. Older issues of Art Therapy are available via an ERIC PDF file (go to the Art Therapy Research Guide). The library also has access to other association Art Therapy journals at Taylor & Francis—the British Association of Art Therapists and the Canadian Art Therapy Association.

#3 How to find an article when you only have part of the citation. What are my options?

- Search WorldCat Discovery, the library catalog – advanced search.
- Search the PsycInfo/PsycArticles databases or an EBSCO database that covers the topic.
- Search E-Journals & Periodicals for the journal and from there search within the journal.
- Search DOI: the Digital Object Identifier / DOI System, if you have the DOI.
- Search Google Scholar. Go to Google Scholar from the library website—Databases A-Z or Art Therapy Research Guide.

#4 What to do if you are just casually browsing the internet, you happen to find a really good article, but you can only get to the abstract. You are being prompted to pay $37.50 for the entire article. (Searching Google vs. Searching Google Scholar)

For example, you are browsing the internet with Google, you come across an article, but you cannot get to the full text or PDF. Try to find the article by searching Google Scholar instead of Google. Go to Google Scholar from the library website or Art Therapy Research Guide. Go back to #3 and follow the steps there. If you are still unable to get to the entire article, submit an Interlibrary Loan request through WorldCat Discovery, the library catalog.

#5 Wait, what? Aren’t all the articles at PubMed free and open access?

PubMed does include articles that are indexed and freely available via PubMed Central. The difference is that PubMed also indexes and provides the abstracts for journal articles that require a subscription. If you take the PubMed with Full Text Finder link from the library website—Databases A-Z—or from the Art Therapy Research Guide, you will have access to the library subscriptions where available. If an article is not available via a library subscription the Full Text Finder links will take you to a page in WorldCat Discovery, the library catalog. From there, continue to follow the prompts in order to submit an Interlibrary Loan request.

#6 What about the American Psychological Association (APA) website? Can’t I just search APA PscyInfo or APA PsycNet from there?

You will find Open Access (OA) and Free to Read APA PsycArticles by searching the APA PsycNet site. If a PsycArticle is not OA and not Free to Read, then you can try the Get Access button—just while on campus at this time—follow through to Check Access where you may be able to download the PDF of a PsycArticle. Instead, be sure to search both APA PsycInfo + APA PsycArticles with our subscription access via EBSCOhost for access to many more articles.