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Introduction to Databases: ScienceDirect

A beginner's guide to using and searching Cressman Library's databases

Browse by Subject

To the left of the basic search screen is the option to Browse by Subject.  If you click on it, a list of subjects will appear as shown below.  If you don't know exactly what you're looking for, this is a great way to start.  Click on a subject heading to be taken to journals that are related to that subject area.

Limit Results

This option is available to the left of the first screen.  You can use it during any type of search to limit your results to find what you want.  Just check off what you're looking for, then click Limit to.


The "green key" when browsing journals and the green square next to the article title when searching indicate full-text.


The right half of the screen contains a box that hold options such as: Bibliographic Information, Citing and recommended articles, Applications and tools, and workspace.  These options can gelp further your research.


Bibliographic Information gives you the information about the article you're looking at on screen.

Citing and recommended articles gives you information on how to properly cite the current article, as well as suggests articles that are closely related to aid in your research.

Basic Search

This is the screen you will see when you choose ScienceDirect from Databases A-Z.


To use a basic search in ScienceDirect, type your search term into the top portion of the screen where it says All fields.  You can also search for the Author, Journal/Book title, Volume, Issue, and Page.  You must choose whether to search Articles or Images.  When you have entered your search term, click on Search.



The results will show up as a list, highlighting your search terms in yellow.  The example used 'alcohol poisoning' as the search term, and these are the results.  Click on one of titles to see more details. In this case, the fourth result was chosen.




This page shows the article that was chosen above.  This page allows one to read the abstract before deciding to download the full article. 

From here, click on Download PDF to have access to the full-Text version of the article.



Once the PDF is downloaded, it will show up on your screen as shown below.  From here, you can read on screen, save, e-mail, or print the article you have chosen.





Search in a Journal

Know what journal you want to use?  The journal search starts in the same way that the basic search did.  Find the letter that the journal you're looking for starts with, and click on it.


In this example, the journal titled The Knee is what was searched for, here is the page for the letter K.

Click on the journal title, in this case, The Knee.



This the page for the journal The Knee.

Using the box to the left of the screen, choose what volume your article is in, in this case, Volume 15.

This portion of the screen shows all of the articles contained in the journal volume chosen.  Click on the article you're interested in to see a more detailed view.


Here is the article that was chosen.  Once again, choose Download PDF to be taken to the Full-Text version of the article.


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