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Education: EDU 102

Think about keywords and start gathering your resources

Search WorldCat Discovery for an encyclopedia about educational psychology. Try this, enter: kw:educational psychology kw:encyclopedia in the search box below.

Search example in Education Full Text and PsycINFO

Journals for Educational Psychology

Journal Titles

See also:
EBSCO A-to-Z | E-Journals & Periodicals List to find journals and/or to verify Cressman Library holdings, whether online or in print.

Searching Cressman Library

Overview of Cressman Library websites and the most used databases for EDU 102.

Searching for Articles in Databases

The library full text and index databases are for searching for articles on a topic. EBSCO Education Full Text and EBSCO PsycINFO are two databases to search for articles about Educational Psychology.

Searching for Journals vs. Searching for Articles

The E-Journals & Periodicals/Publications database is for searching for a specific journal title and it is most often used when you already have a citation for an article.