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Organizing your literature review will make writing it much easier.  There are three main ways to organize a review.

  1. Theme
  2. Methodology
  3. Chronologically

You may want to include aspects of all three, but you will generally concentrate on one.  To do this you need to synthesize articles in one area:

For example:

Theme:  ___________________

1st Author:

2nd Author:

3rd Author:

Synthesis of the finding of all three articles: 




Literature Review Practice

How Will You Keep Your Notes?

Taking Notes as you read is very important.  Have a consistent method from the beginning that enables you to keep and compare the same information from each article.  Consider using a spreadsheet. You can copy this one or develop your own.

ACRL Framework for Information Literacy: Instruction for Educators

Companion Document to the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education: Instruction for Educators

Below you will find sources from the companion document linked above that could be useful for finding lesson plans or materials for teaching information literacy to PK-12 students (


Using keywords to search:

Include important words and phrases.

Describe a central or major concept.

Use broader and more general words for more results.  "birds of prey" "raptors"

Use narrower and more specific words for fewer results.  "red-tailed hawk" "peregrine falcon"

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