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Nutrition: DI Orientation

YouTube Videos for PICO

How to use PICO for Evidence Based Research

Outline the concepts of your PICO search with this video from Binghamton Univsersity Libraries



PICO Search Grid video snapshot

Have a PICO question? Prepare your search strategy ahead of time with this video from Purdue University Northwest.

YouTube videos from the PICO page of the Nursing Research Guide.

Literature Reviews vs. Systematic Reviews

Then what is a Systematic Literature Review? The term systematic literature review is sometimes used interchangeably with literature review since ideally a literature review is conducted systematically. However, when evidence based practice and statistics become part of the picture and a research article is referred to as a systematic literature review, the two are often confused. If the article is, in fact, an empirical study of other primary research--a research study of research studies, then the term systematic review (or meta-analysis) should be looked for instead.


What's the Difference... and Why It Matters


The Difference Between a Systematic Review and a Literature Review and Why It Matters

Kysh, Lynn. Difference between a systematic review and a literature review. Figshare. 2013.


literature review vs. systematic review image


evidence-based hierarchy pyramid

Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis

"A systematic review is a summary of the medical literature that uses explicit and reproducible methods to systematically search, critically appraise, and synthesize on a specific issue. It synthesizes the results of multiple primary studies related to each other by using strategies that reduce biases and random errors. To this end, systematic reviews may or may not include a statistical synthesis called meta-analysis, depending on whether the studies are similar enough so that combining their results is meaningful."

PICO and search strategy

Search strategy will vary depending on how firm your PICO question is.

Have you already been given a PICO question by your professor or preceptor? Do you already have a research article and want to find others like it? Or, are you developing a new PICO question and need to find what direction the research has taken on a particular topic?

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