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   Databases A-Z by subject, Nutrition


The library provides access to over 100 databases. Of those, there are over 20 databases to explore and discover sources for Nutrition.



Nutrition journals indexed in CINAHL, for example:

journal title and # of articles

cinahl nutrition journals screenshot for example


Search PubMed with Full Text Finder links for access to the library subscriptions and much more

PubMed FTF links screenshot

PsycArticles/PsycInfo | Nutrition journals indexed in the APA databases, for example:

journal title and # of articlesAPA Psyc database journals screenshot for example

Nutrition journals indexed in Science Direct, for example: journal title (# of articles)

Nutrition journals indexed in General Science (EBSCO), for example:

journal title and # of articles

General Science screenshot journals for example


Education Full Text

journal of the academy of nutrition & dietetics       


journal of nutrition education & behavior




journal of nutrition education


medicine & science in sports & exercise


american journal of public health


… and many more




Interlibrary Loan Button

Students, faculty, and staff of Cedar Crest College may submit ILL requests.
To request an Interlibrary Loan (ILL):

      1. Try searching Google Scholar before requesting an ILL.
      2. To request an ILL, search WorldCat Discovery, the Library Catalog.
            a. Find the record for the book or article.
            b. Look for the "Request Item through Interlibrary Loan" button.
            c. If the record is not found in WorldCat Discovery, the Library Catalog, then:
                   i. WorldCat Discovery A-to-Z (incl. the date, volume and issue)
                   ii. Book request
                   iii. Journal Article request






Basic Searching for exploring a topic, related concepts, and terminology

Simple, quick search in CINAHL for nutritional value

Search for "nutritive value" based on the subjects assigned to the results in the previous search

Limited to the date range 2017 - 2022 (then select source type Academic Journal)


Advanced Boolean Search for developing a PICO

Keywords in quotes are based on the relevant SUBJECTS assigned to articles found with the simple searches for a) nutritional value, b) "nutritive value" as well as key phrases noticed in relevant article titles / author supplied keywords.

Add limiters for Population with the AGE and/or GENDER limiter in CINAHL


Excel spreadsheet image of PICO search strategy


The PICO questionin the works!

Does the consumption of snacks and fast foods compromise the health of adults... hmmm....

Will a focus on the nutritive value of snacks and fast foods have a positive impact on the health and well-being of adults/adult consumers?

P) consumers of snacks and fast foods/problem is snacks and fast foods, I) the consumption of foods known to have nutritive value, O) healthy weight, lower BMI

Are there other keywords or keyword phrases you would to add to the PICO search grid? Or, remove? Does the PICO question need to be rephrased?


Entering the PICO search in CINAHL, example

EBSCO advanced search for PICO with keywords screenshot



P  patient, population, or problem

"fast foods" OR snacks OR "snack foods" OR "food dispensers" OR “vending machines”

I   intervention

"nutritional value" OR "nutritive value" OR "food quality" OR "nutrient density" OR “diet quality”

O  outcome

weight OR obesity OR “diet adverse effects” OR “health status” OR mortality







Create Alerts for EBSCOhost searches, Vimeo PPT Tutorial 

Create Alerts in Google Scholar, How do I sign up for email alerts?

Create Alerts for PubMed searches, 4 steps and a YouTube video 

Create Journal alerts, example, Oxford University Press email alerts 


► EBSCO, (option 1) sign into your personal MyEBSCO account for Email Alerts

EBSCO search email alert share image


EBSCO email alert signed in screen shot


Watch your email for Alert Notifications from EBSCO, 1) hitlist and 2) alert expiration date


EBSCO alert notification with hitlist screenshot



EBSCO email alert notification screenshot



► EBSCO, (option 2) you do not need to sign into your personal MyEBSCO account for RSS Feed Alerts




Put the RSS feed URL into your Outlook RSS Feeds folder

Right click your RSS feed folder in Outlook and add a new RSS Feed

RSS feed prompt to add new feed in Outlook


Copy the RSS Feed URL from your EBSCO RSS Search Alert

RSS feed search alert URL detail in EBSCO image

image of RSS feed URL being added to Outlook


Go to your RSS Feeds folder in Outlook

viewing RSS feed in Outlook



First 5 results from the EBSCO RSS feed for the CINAHL search "nutritive value"

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